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Je dobře známo, žezpětný ventilhas gradually been widely used in various places and has been loved by a wide range of people. How much do you know about it? The following is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge points from the zpětný ventilmanufacturer.

Zpětný ventil je automatický ventil. Při zavírání a otevírání ventilu spoléhá na tlak proudícího média v potrubí, aby tlačil na kotouč ventilu. Když médium přestane téct,zpětný ventil disc closes and prevents The reverse flow of the medium in the pipeline plays a great role in ensuring the safety of the pipeline. The zpětný ventilis installed to ensure the flow direction of the water inside the pump, so as to ensure the normal operation of the pump. Therefore, the installation position of the zpětný ventil, whether it is installed in front of the pump or after the pump, can be divided into two situations, one is installed in The end of the vertical suction pipe in front of the pump is to fill the pump without pumping water once, because when there is no water in the pump and the suction pipe in front of the pump, the pump can only run idling and cannot pump water, so the pump must be filled with water to pump out water. , This kind of water pump installation is a method when it is above the liquid level, also called negative pressure method, such as pumping water up from a well. Another way to install the pump is that the liquid level is higher than that of the pump. This method is generally used for secondary water supply. Because the liquid level is higher than the pump, it is not necessary to close the pump outlet valve when starting and stopping the pump, so the zpětný ventilshould be installed in the The rear of the water pump.
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